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Hey guys, I've started a new youtube channel called, "E-ma Survives". It's mainly a let's play channel for video games. If you're interested here's a link to my channel:…;

The games range from horror, anime, story rich, and just stupid funny. I also team up with other people for certain games. Can we survive animatronics at a pizza polar, or fan boys? Maybe? It will surely be fun to watch us try. 
SUMMARY: There's a saying that the world is black and white. That between these shades, grey will be in sight. Just cross the borderline to see these lines. Although once we get there what will we find?

Rated T but later will be Rated M

Blending into the crowd is always hard, especially when you feel like you're trying too hard. Like when you're trying to hide away from the guy who would bully you after school. In my case, I'm hiding from the police. It's not just my ass on the line, it's everyone's. No, I didn't commit some great crime, well, at least in my eyes. Isn't that what good and evil is, someone's own personal view? If someone can justify the action, it can go either way. I'm currently disguised as a high school boy, trying to get some information on what plans Plasma has got for today.

A lot has changed since the past year; the good, hardworking police have been put on leave and replaced by Plasma Knights. Claiming that they knew what was best for both people and Pokémon, therefore should be in charge. All areas where wild Pokémon live, plains, forests, oceans, have all been blocked off to stop the capturing of them. Anyone who even possess a pokeball, regardless if there is a Pokémon in it or not, are arrested on the spot. If trainers from another region are visiting, they can't bring theirs. There's more to it, but I would be going on forever.

I'm waiting outside the police station, listening in on the officers light conversation. There's always a crowd in Castelia City no matter where you are. I'm using this as a cover, leaning against the building beside the station, looking down at my xtransceiver.

"-yeah, but I feel like she just doesn't care about us anymore. I want her to want to be with me."

"Try surprising her with a home cooked dinner. Women love that shit."

"I don't think this can be fixed like that."

These guards too seem to have such mundane problems, but I can't let that change my outlook on them.

"If things turn bad, I'm always here to listen. But I have to go get ready to leave soon though."

The disheartened guard sighed, "Was it that distress call?"

"Yeah, they think that their neighbour has Pokémon harboured in his house. We have to go check it out. It is in the apartment building on Mode Street. You know where we are if we call for back up." He placed a hand on the other guard's shoulder and gave him a little shake before he went into the station.

That's what I needed. Pushing myself off the wall, I walked down the street and towards the docks. The docks where the closest thing people could get to water, since there still had to be a way people could get from region to region. Many precautions where put into place, no fishing, or swimming allowed, and most of the Pokémon where scared off, still had a nice view though.

I went to the lower part of the dock, waiting for people to be done taking pictures and resume with their walk to take the sewer path. We have it covered with a manhole plate to discourage people from going in. No construction workers ever worked on it since we made it and therefore undocumented by the city. But by glancing at it, you wouldn't think about that. Best hiding place is where everyone can see it.

Going down was never pleasant though, the walls where coated in slime. It seems like its goal in life was to seep through all your clothing. It was a peaceful walk once you got over that. Quiet and dim in light. You didn't have to worry about anyone stalking you, or the buzz of people talking, it's just you.

I got to the other side and lifted the board and leaves that covered the hole. I placed the board back on top and scattered the leaves once again. Not far from here was our headquarters. Since Team Plasma took over, there was a small group who disagreed with them, me, Bianca, Cheren, the gym leaders, and the professors. We're small, but they've felt like family this past year.

My own parents have fallen under Ghetsis and N's words, and would have stopped me in a heartbeat if they knew. As far as they know, I'm in Johto studying for environmental science. They were so proud of me for wanting to help Pokémon. It's kind of sad that I don't really meet up to their hopes.

I came up to the tree that held our home. I knocked on the tree with the beat that was our code. I didn't have to wait long for a Pansage to come out. He smiled and gently used a vine whip to stretch me up to the first tall branch. From there, it was an easy climb up. We choose a tree that looked just like the others. We lived up in a tree house high in the tree's canopy. One would not be able to see it from the forest floor.

I have to say though, the forest has gotten prettier since people stopped running through it. More Pokémon where inhabiting it. The paths made from people going off the trail have melted away. There was no more litter in the bushes. I would have thought it was great for them if they too weren't helping us stop Team Plasma.

I reached to the top and opened the door. Professor Juniper was there, tinkering with some invention she was cooking up. She still wears her lab coat; it was the only small thing she has left to her identity as a scientist.

"Where is Cheren, Bianca and Bugsy? The Plasma grunts are going to an apartment building and their raiding it for Pokémon harbouring. It's only suspension, but we still have to go if we can recuse their Pokémon."

She flashed me a smile and pointed to the living room. "Cheren and Bugsy are in there. Bianca is out scouting in Nimbasa City."

"Thanks." I waved to her and left her to her creation. I strolled up to the doorway that led in the living room and knocked on the frame. They looked up in response, already in uniform, waiting on my call.

Our uniform is works for several ways. One for showing the people that are scared to rebel that there still are people who care about the way things have changed. We give hope that it can go back to the way it was. We also use to hide who we really are.

The uniform consist of mask that hides our mouth and nose, then a visor that hides our eyes, but still lets us see everything. The shirt, jacket, and pants are all long and semi-tight fitting, so to hide any birthmarks or body shape, still comfortable and flexible to move in. The outfit is black; it helps us hide at night and in the dark corners of alley ways. There's also hidden compartments to hide tools. Smoke bombs, climbing gear, and weapons if we need to. We try not hurting our enemies, we're better than them and don't have to resort to their ways. They may hide it behind a reassuring smile and false words. But I've seen what they do when the curtain falls.

We didn't have an official name, but the citizens liked to call us the Rebellion Front. Not sure if it's in the name of good or not.

"Once I get into uniform we are leaving. Possible raid on an apartment building on Mode Street in Castelia City. We must leave at once, grab smoke bombs rope and duct tape, grappling hooks in case of a quick escape, a taser if you need to stun them, and a knife if it comes to them capturing you."

We all know to some degree what happens to someone who doesn't accept the Plasma way. They disappear. In every way they are gone. Documents are erased, they deny that you ever existed, and you are never seen again. It is death.

Cheren and Bugsy nodded, going to the supply room. I jogged up the stairs and put on my uniform. Glad to have peeled off the grime of the sewers. Making sure my face was well hidden, I made my way down the stairs. Cheren held out the supplies I needed in both hands. I nodded and grabbed the supplies, slipping them into the hidden compartments of my clothes.

We exited the tree house one by one, using the grappling hook to make it to the ground. We take an alternate route than the sewers, if someone was chasing us and found it, it would be over for us. Instead we go under the bridge that leads to the city, this road has been closed and no one drives on it anymore. To get over the fences surrounding Castelia, we use the grapple to hook onto a fixture above and climb over. From there it is walking into the city without getting seen. Taking the back routes and alleys, we make it to Mode Street. We're behind the building, waiting for someone to use the back exit so we can sneak in. After several minutes, a woman in her thirty's came out, cigarette in hand. She was talking on the phone, looking very distressed.

She started walking away, as if she needed to pace while she talked. I sneaked as fast as I could while crouched from the bushes we hid in, getting to the door before it closed behind the lady. I crept behind the door and did a hand motion to call them over. They rushed inside the same manner as I did. The exit was connected to the stairs and we climbed our way up.

The door to each floor had a viewing window; we peered through each one until we saw the police. It was floor 5, the building itself didn't look as if they kept up with cleanliness or structures. Wallpaper peeling off the walls. Who used wallpaper anymore?

The police were speaking calmly to a man. The man was old and seemed worried. As they talked to him, the man pointed to the door across the hall. The police said something then headed to the apartment. The man went back to his apartment and closed the door.

This was our chance. Quietly we emerged from the stair well; there were four grunts to deal with. With the new system in place, they no longer have to wear the orange wigs. They no longer needed to hide. It was quiet alarming to see that it was people that I knew. From my home town, or store clerks.

When the door they were knocking on didn't open, they started to knock louder.

"Open up, we have heard that you are harbouring Pokémon. If you do not let us in, we have permission to come in by force. This is your last chance to do this peacefully." He was banging on the door, the sound echoing through the hall.

Still, no one answered. The one in charge made a loud grunt and started to kick at the door. After a few tries, one of his partners joined in and they knocked it down. The two barged in, me and Cheren sneaked behind the two that were waiting to enter the apartment and grabbed them. Clamping a hand on their mouths, we dragged them back. Hit them at the back of their knees to bring them down. Their sounds of pain were muffled by our hands.

While they were down we tied them and ducted taped their mouths. Now that two were dealt with, we waved Bugsy over. When we entered the apartment, the two officers had trashed it. Books knocked off the shelves, pillows ripped and their stuffing scattered. A woman and her child were huddled in the corner. The little girl hiding her face in her mom's stomach, the mother, holding her tightly and crying as the grunts screamed at her.

Bugsy ran in and punched the leader in the back of the head. Bugsy was a married man himself, I knew he wouldn't tolerate people hurting families. It went chaotic after that.

The leader lost this footing and leaned forward. His partner reacted fast and tried to grab Bugsy. I ran forward and punched the female grunt in the face. The leader, made a fast recovery and whipped out his gun.

"We are under orders to arrest you under the crimes of interfering with Pokémon liberation, going into wild Pokémon habit, and harming officers. We are allowed to shoot if it will help with capture." He informed, gun pointed at Bugsy.

I tackled him to the ground; he fired off a round in shock. Bugsy acted fast and grabbed the partner before she could whip her gun out. I wrestled with the man on the ground, smacking the gun out of his hand. I pinned his wrists down, his legs kept flailing. Twisting and turning his body to escape my grasp.

Cheren ran over to the mother and daughter calmly talking to her. The mom smiled through her tears and said something to him. Cheren nodded and ran into a separate room.

The man I had pinned twisted his hand out of my grasp and punched me in the face. It hurt, but I've had worse. I reached down to pin his hand down. Before I could he pushed me off of him and onto the floor. I kicked him in the stomach before he could get on top of me. His back hit the wall and I got up.

Bugsy disarmed the woman officer and tried her up. Cheren ran into the room flashing me two pokeballs and slipped them into his pocket. That was our que and I threw a smoke ball on the ground. Everyone besides us started coughing. Using this time, I opened the window and let Cheren lean out, using his grappling hook to hook onto a nearby tree and swing out.

Bugsy went next, escaping as well. I leaned out the window, Bugsy was running out of sight, we all knew not to wait up and get back to headquarters without being followed. I aimed at the tree and hooked on it. As I went to swing out and loud bang went off. Out of shock, I let go of my hook too early and fell down.

I rolled as I hit the pavement, clutching my thigh. I was shot. I hissed as I used my hands to push myself up. I hobbled as I limped out to the bushes we hid in. I had to hide fast or they would catch me.

A hand shot out and grabbed me. I thrashed, trying to get out of their grip.

"Hey, clam down, it's me, Bugsy."

Relief spread through me, and I relaxed. I turned my head and smiled.

"As soon as I heard the shot, I had to stay and see if you were ok. Come on, let's get going."

The blonde wrapped his arm around me for support and let me put my weight on him. We hurried to fence that we came from and Bugsy used pulled out his hook, we would have to go one at a time, but this is my only way out before they can search for me. He hooked it on to a structure and gestured for me to go first. I grabbed on to it to start my climb.

"I saw him run over here!"

I froze, by the time I pull myself over, Bugsy will be caught and it won't take them long to catch up to me. I let go of the rope.

"Bugsy go."

He looked at me with shock. "No, you have to go now; you know what happens when they get you."

'And then what Bugsy? I can't climb up fast without by legs to help. I'm not going to leave you to get caught. They could catch me after I climb over anyways. Go, and get help. They have been dying to get one of us and I doubt they would kill me right away until they get some information first."

Bugsy seem torned. There really wasn't any right or wrong in this situation. I placed the rope in his hands and gave them a reassured squeeze. I smiled and let go of my hands. Bugsy pulled me into a tight hug.

"I swear we will get you back."

"Good, I'll distract them, so use it wisely."

He patted my shoulder and started to climb up. I gave him once last glance and looked head on. I walked towards them; I saw. They were heading towards the fence. I hid amongst the bushes and grabbed the knife I hid, waiting for them to come. When the leader was about half a foot away from me, I jumped out and slashed his arm. He stepped by and clutched his arm. A grunt reached forward and grabbed my arm. Tugging me to him, he punched me in the side until I fell down. Pulling my hands behind my back, and placed cold, hard hand cuffs around my wrists.

This was it; this was the end of me.


I leaned against the table, glancing over the world map. Father was out in the Kanto region, trying to warn them about what they are doing to Pokémon. He told me to stay behind and look after Unova. Cities have been attacked by a group of people rebelling the new system. Why would they hate Pokémon so much? They had to be stopped. So far not one has been captured, and they interfered with many of our liberating missions and went against the law.

With all the progress we have made, I won't let it come down because of humans.

Snivy was sitting on the table, gazing down on the map. We still have conflicting arguments. Snivy still believes his trainer loved him and never used him. I think he has been blinded due to Stockholm syndrome. It will take a bit, but I will help him. I won't refuse to help a friend who is in pain.

The door to the planning room burst open, a squad leader came in. He must have important news since he did not knock and rudely came in without permission.

"King N, sorry to disturb you, however I have urgent news. We captured one of the rebels and are currently holding him in a prison in the dungeon. We are waiting orders from you as to what we should do with him."

I smiled to him. "I am willing to disregard your rudeness due to this wonderful news. Leave him there, I've had been planning for this for a while."

I glanced back at Snivy. "You can stay here for now, or you can go into the play room with our friends."

Snivy gazed blankly at me, he never changes his expression. He slid off the table and wandered into the hallway. I turned my attention back to the grunt.

"Ok, lead me to him."


Bugsy came back and told us the news. Touya that idiot, he should have just hid, even if he didn't have time to. He could have tried and escape somehow. No matter what, I am getting my friend back. We've been together for too much for me to let him go. I'm going to get him back, and no one will get in my way.


Artist | Student | Varied
Hello, I'm enmathewolfdemon, but you can call me Emma. I am a writer, I draw, and cosplay. I'm also into painting and sculpting with clay but I haven't posted any paintings or sulptures.

My fanfictions pairings are mainly for the couples that are not common. They are also yaoi (maleXmale) and Rated M. However they all have different plots, settings, and are entirely different stories.

I'm curently writing two fan fictions:

Grey: SUMMARY: There's a saying that the world is black and white. That between these shades, grey will be in sight. Just cross the borderline to see these lines. Although once we get there what will we find?

Pairing: NxTouya TouyaxN rated M

Technician: SUMMARY: What's up with society today? We can't live without the aid of a screen. We can hardly make anything without the help of a machine. Maybe it's time for man to learn to live without it again.

Pairing: DellxPiko, rated M

I also cosplay Miku Hatsune - Default, Miku Hatsune - Append, Ciel Phantomhive - Manga 6 outfit, and N from pokemon.
Hey guys, I've started a new youtube channel called, "E-ma Survives". It's mainly a let's play channel for video games. If you're interested here's a link to my channel:…;

The games range from horror, anime, story rich, and just stupid funny. I also team up with other people for certain games. Can we survive animatronics at a pizza polar, or fan boys? Maybe? It will surely be fun to watch us try. 

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