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SUMMARY: What's up with society today? We can't live without the aid of a screen. We can hardly make anything without the help of a machine. Maybe it's time for man to learn to live without it again

Rated T, Rated M in further chapters

Why are the other programs malfunctioning? They were browsing the World Wide Web when their circuits overloaded. Any other FreeWare that tried to correct the situation caught the problem too. My Master contacted another source of help, the pager, however; wasn't functioning properly either. I could feel the shock waves surrounding the object glitching. Master flunged the device across the area. He ran a hand through his hair then glanced at me. When he noticed I was functioning properly he approached me.

"Subject, eleven. Are your vitals working correctly?" He asked.


"Since I can't talk to the support. Can you go find them and bring them here?"

"Absolutely Master."

I left my station and went saunting down the hall. The doors weren't operating properly, so I blockaded the door to keep it open. It seems like anything that requires electricity isn't function correctly. The sidewalkers were running even faster than normal. The lighting kept flickering. If this problem kept thriving, we may have to create anti-virus software.

I reached the room down the hallway. The entry way was jammed to keep the room accessible. I glanced in the room to find it vacant. I turned around to return to my Master and report my findings.

On my way to revisit the laboratory, some of appliances were unsteady at their post, and the robots were spasming out. Some leaving the building; that would create a nuisance.
When I returned to Master I saw that someone from support was present. He was unplugging certain devices and computers. I approached master.

"Master, the area was vacant at the support faculty."

"Oh, number eleven. Yes the room would be empty. Apparently this problem is throughout the building. The virus is trying to spreading to the city. Although we have a team stopping it as we speak. I have to ask you not to connect to anything that has electricity. It seems anything that does gets the virus. You are the only FreeWare not infected that we know."

"Yes, Master."

I turned around and sat down on a bench. Observing the two men, I gathered that once the virus is in the device, said device is unfixable with our limited knowledge. After some time the two humans had unplugged everything in the room. The support sighed.

"I'll go speak with the others and see what they know. We have to keep this from coming into the city." The man looked at me. "Number eleven. I order you to go into the city and see if anything unusual has come up. Come back here with your findings. If anything like what's happening in here is out in the city. I ask that you destroy it before it infects other electronics. And don't tell anyone what you're doing. We don't want to freak anyone out"

I glanced at my Master. Only he was able to give me instructions. He nodded his head.

"Yes, sir." I said to him. Getting up I traveled out of the building.

Smokey grey clouds floated above my head. I let out a long breath, making another cloud. Here I was standing out on the roof to the college. How I hated going to Chemsity. I only took the damn course because they said I needed to have another class. I took another drag from my cigarette. Ah, just what I need.

I usually went to Chem since my friend Len was in the class. But he didn't show today. Exhaling, I watched it blow into the wind. I rubbed the butt of the cigarette on the billboard behind me. It read, 'Why have your face, when you can have mine.' Maybe people won't want her face when they see all the burn marks I've made. Everyone who got plastic surgery, their skin will start to get splotchy anyways.

Running my fingers in my hair I walked back into the building. I should probably get some rest. I have a long night of watching movies with Miki and Gakupo. I took a glance at the poor suckers in the classrooms. Sucks to be them stuck in a boring class. I just need to get an apprenticeship at a tattoo pallor then I can achieve my dream.

I turned down the hall way that lead to the dormitory. I can't wait to see my bed again. Digging my hand in my pocket I soon found the key and opened the door. The room was empty, after all Gakupo was still in class. Maybe I can finally get some sleep since he isn't here talking to his boyfriend all night. Facing planting into the bed I fell asleep.
I woke up to a person sitting on me. I groaned, and squirmed around.

"Wake up sleepy, angry, smokey, seagull pop-pop head." A voice that was probably Miki said.

I whack her arm, a sign to get the hell off of me. Miki pinched my checks then jumped off. I rolled out of bed glaring at her. She grinned and shoved some movies at me.

"I was thinking we could have a horror marathon tonight. Gakupo agrees too." The red haired girl said.

I read the titles of said movies. All really good titles. "Sure, pop them in. I'll get the pizza and pop."

She smiled then opened a movie case. "Oh, and Gakupo will be here in a moment. He had to use the bathroom."

I shook my head. Opening the fridge I grabbed the food items then sat on the bed. Miki sat beside me and grabbed a pop. Popping it open with her hands she took a chug. "Just what I needed."

The movie title screen came up and then I clicked play. Gakupo came in during the opening. It started off with a girl running in the woods with some person chasing her. Well she made the first horror movie mistake, never enter a forest alone. The guy killed her then it went to a city.

This was going to be one of those predictable movies. Me, Miki and Gakupo spent the whole movie guessing how everyone was going to die. We were mostly right. The movie ended, we looked at each other.

"What a lame movie. I thought everyone said it was the best. Gezz, it should have been a porno. First plot boobies, second plot murder." Gakupo said.

"We should totally make a porn like that. It will be the hit of the century."

"Before we start this blockbuster production. Can we get some pizza?" Miki asked.

"What's wrong with the pizza I got out?" I said.

"It tastes like shit. How long has it been in your fridge?"

"Umm, three days."

"Ok we're getting a fresh box of pizza before we put in another movie."

"Ok, but you guys are coming with me."

"Fine, we need more pop anyways."

We got up from our spots then walked out of the building. We hopped on the sidewalker and let it take us to the pizza joint. The pizza joint was down the street from the collage, a wise business choice on their part. We walked in, it was pretty dead in here. Save for the employees and the little white haired girl. We stepped up to the front counter. The lady was giving the kid a weird look before giving me her attention.

"Welcome, how may I help you?"

"Two large cheese pizzas and a two litter bottle of pop."

"What drink do you want?"

"Cola please."

She punched the order on the screen. "That will come to sixty two dollars and twenty five cents."

I handed her the money and she placed it in the tube. My change came out after a few moments.

"Your order will be ready soon." The lady said.

She looked back over to the boy. I looked at the kid too. She was just sitting there, alone, staring at everything in the shop. I would be kinda freaked out too. What she was wearing? Look like something out of sci-fi show. It was a white jacket however the sleeves were detached from her jacket and was on her arms. The sleeves were black like her leggings and boots.

"What's up with the kid?" I dared to ask.

"I have no idea; she came in a half a hour ago and hasn't spoken a word. I want to tell her to get out but I'm scared to."

"Want me to ask her to leave?"

"Thank you, please. And I will give you a free can of pop." The lady reply. Clearly looking relieved that she didn't have to.

I nodded then looked at my friends. I gave them a hand motion to follow me. We walked up to the girl, who now that I'm close up, I saw that she was a boy.

"Hey, what are you doing?" I asked.

The boy snapped his head to me. His white hair made his light blue eyes stand out. I've never seen eyes that bright before.

"That's classified information." He said.

"Hah, that's cute. Now tell me what the hell you're doing here staring at everything and freaking out the workers."

"My intentions were not to frighten anyone."

"Then what are your intentions?"

"That's classified."

"Well can you leave? I've been asked to get you leave."

"I can't leave until I am sure that nothing is unusual."

How can this kid give me a straight face and say that? It's a pizza joint. What, is the crust stuffed with nuclear waste? Not that I would be too surprised. Something is wrong with him. The way he talks, dresses, and he has no expression on his face.

"Tell us what your important mission is and we'll help you finish it." I looked back to Miki and Gakupo. I winked at them to tell them they need to play along. Gakupo smiled, he's always up for some fun. Knowing him he's just gonna try and piss the kid off. Miki just gave me a shy smile.

"Sorry, I can't grant you that. As I mentioned, it's classified."

"Kid, shouldn't you be saying something like, access granted? What are you, a cyborg?" Gakupo jeered.

"Who released that information to you? I was mentioned that I was the only with orders to explore the city."

Gakupo came beside me. "What are you talking about? It's called a joke, are you on crack?"
"I do not comprehend."

"Are you on drugs?"

"I haven't have any intake of drugs. Now I request you tell me how gave you the data on the FreeWare Project."

"Sorry that's classified."

"Certain actions must be taken against to the one who leaked out classified information. I will request again that you tell me who it was."


Gakupo stopped his sentence as a loud screech came from behind the front counter. We spun around to see the oven spazzing out. The woman was banging on the surface, trying to get the appliance to work. When it kept going the girl yelled at it. The guy we were talking to went behind the counter and pushed the girl aside. We all watched as he punched the glass display on the oven.

The women jumped back and ran over to us. The boy kicked it until it fell over. He reached behind it to unplug it. After the oven stopped the girl stomped over to him.

"Look what you did! I could have just called a repair man. Now we have to get a new one!" She screamed.

The boy stared blankly at her. He ignored what she had to say and started heading to the door. Before he could make it out Miki got to him.

"Omg, your bleeding. Let us take you to a hospital."

"It is only a minor injury." Was what Miki got. Although, it wasn't enough.

"Oh no. We are getting some help for you. If you don't want to go to the hospital then at least let me treat you. We live right down the street. I won't let you go until I've helped you."

The boy stared at her. As if he was waiting for her to let him go. Miki wasn't happy with that and she dragged the boy out onto the sidewalker. Me and Gakupo followed her, she still had a good grasp him.

"Miki, you know you don't have to do this." Gakupo said.

"I can't leave him out there. Look at his hand."

"That was his own fault, he punched an oven display window. Of course he's going to have cuts."

"Even so, I have to treat him."

She pulled the boy to her dorm. She handed him over to Gakupo. When he didn't take the boy she practically threw him at me. I clutched onto his arm. He stared at me blankly, looking for any signs that I would let him go. Miki returned with a first-aid kit.

"Sit him on the bed." The red head ordered.

I sat down on the bed and pulled him down beside me. Miki crouched down beside him. The sleeve was pulled up to show several cuts and glass shards in his arm.

"Only a minor injury my ass. You can't tell me it doesn't hurt."

"Alright, I don't feel any discomfort from this wound."

She sighed. "Well you may feel some discomfort soon." She began pulling out the shards and placing them on a napkin. She cleaned up the blood, placing the wipes along with the shards. Miki applied some disinfect and finished off with wrapping it in a bandage. Never once did the white haired boy flinch or show pain.

Miki sat there, rubbing the part of his arm that wasn't covered. I gave her a strange look.

"Your skin, why does it feel so weird?"

"That's classified information. Can I depart now?" he asked.

"Sure, we'll get you home. Where do you live?"

"That's classified."

Gakupo snorted and he received a glare from Miki.

"Can you at least tell us your name?" She tried.


She stood up and placed a hand on her hip. "Well I'm not letting you leave until you tell me something."

"I cannot do that."

"I know, I know. It's classified."

We sat there, waiting for something to happen. The boy stared at Miki and Miki did the same to him. It was like if they looked away, they lost some sort of game.

"If you tell me who told you about project FreeWare. Then I can release information that my Master would find suitable for the situation." The boy said.

I knew something was wrong with this boy. Master? Cyborg? Doesn't feel any pain? I think we need to send him to a mental hospital.

Miki's expression fell when he said that. She's probably thinking the same thing too.
"Alright, I agree."

"Notify me first about who released the data."

"How do I know you will tell me what I want?"

"It's in my software to seek out information that will be beneficial. I will tell you what you want as long as it would be acceptable to Master."

Miki opened her mouth to speak but closed it. She was stuck, and I knew it. I looked around and saw a notebook and a pen off to the side. I picked both up and ripped a piece of paper out. I drew a robot on and an arrow pointing to the bot on it. Robots are mindless and will help anyone when asked. So if you asked them something they will tell you.

I lifted the paper to show Miki. She looked up and saw it, then smiled at me.

"A robot on the streets told me."

"Did the robot look like it was malfunctioning?"


"I knew that it would be a nuisance."

"Okay, now I told you what you want. You'll answer my questions?"

"I have gathered the information I needed. So yes, I will apply to our agreement."

"What's your name?"


"Full name."

"I can't release that to you."

I laughed at Miki's expression. She looked like she wanted to rip his head off.
"It's classified right?"


"What is with the whole Master thing?"

"Master is my creator."

"Is he like your father?"

"No, he is not my father."


"No. I have not associate with my human parents since the beginning of the project."
Miki looked at me with scared pink eyes. I knew what he said was wrong in so many ways.

"Do you live with him?"

"No, but he visits the laboratory daily."


Gakupo leaned in and whispered something in her ear. She shook her head to whatever he said.

"Well, it's late out. Do you want to stay the night?" Gakupo asked.

"Are you offering me to stay here until morning?"


"I cannot do that. I must return to Master."

"I think Master can wait."

Piko's reaction to this wasn't good. He stood right up and pulled his arm from my hand. I had completely forgot I was holding his arm. When Piko reached the door Gakupo stood in front of it. Piko didn't stop walking, he simply pushed Gakupo out of the way then pulled the door open.

We watched him stroll down the hall way and out of the building.

"He has some problems." Miki said

"You think." Gakupo sneered.

What a weird night, it just started off with getting pizza and now look where it got us. Man, this is all crazy, I need a smoke.

"Ah, number eleven. What are your findings?"

"There was one disturbance in a food center. I dealt with the problem. However it has called to my attention that a malfunctioning robot has been releasing information about the FreeWare Project."

Master sighed, and he faced twisted into a face of annoyance. "Can you deal with the broken robot tomorrow?"


"I'll leave it to you then. Get some sleep."

Master left and I ventured to my room. I pulled the covers then adjusted myself in them. Master is not like the humans I met today. They seemed irregular from what I have seen. Why were they concerned with my wound? They wouldn't gain anything from assisting me. I shouldn't keep involving myself with them. All I have to do is listen to Mater's orders.
Master is always right.
First chapter, hope to see my fanfiction followers. :D
ozzybob Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I just absolutely love this story, it needs so much more love! I will review each chapter individually.
I'm really liking this emotionless Piko XD
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