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Someone shoving my shoulder woke me up. I opened my eyes and saw the nonchalant face of Piko. I groaned and rolled over. Why did he have to wake me up and remind me of yesterday? I'm surprised I didn't dream about all the death and horror that was yesterday.

"Master requested that I wake up both of you."

"Well, 'Master,' can wait. I'm still tired."

"You have to get up. Master's orders."

"Piss off."

I closed my eyes, telling sleep to come take me. However sleep didn't take me. Instead Piko did and pulled me out of bed. I landed with a thud and probably bruised my side. I glared at him, ready to punch him for whatever he did next. He didn't even seem intimated by me and went to wake Miki up too.

He shook Miki's shoulder; a mop of red hair went flying up. She was hyperventilating, breathing pretty hard. She stared at Piko. He told her along the same lines he told me then walked off. I got up from the ground and went up to Miki. I sat down on the edge of the bed while she yawned. Her hair was tangled everywhere. Good luck brushing that out Miki. Besides the hair though, she looked upset.

"You look like shit." Hey, at least I was honest.

"Good morning to you too."

"Want to tell me what's wrong?"

She sighed, "I had a bad dream is all." Miki looked down, looking like she was going to cry. I knelt down and hugged her. For the second time in the pass twenty four hours, Miki cried on me. We sat there, Miki was slowly calming down. If I didn't have to be the strong one here, I would be upset too. Our homes are gone; we watched an unimaginable amount of people die. Worst of all, we don't know how our friends are doing. Whoever did this is going to pay dearly.

Now there is something I'm just realizing. What are we going to do without technology? We used our man-made inventions to do everything. From walking down the street, making our food, lighting, heating, hygiene, even socialising. How will make food? Even worse, how are we going to keep it cold? Were we really this dependent on technology that we can't do anything without it? I do hope the Cybrog, and Kuki, his programmer I guess, have found a solution to this.

I felt defeated, everything I had is gone within five minutes. Once the people at this fucked up lab kick us out we'll have to live in a box and become herbivores, only eating grass and plants. I wonder how Gakupo and the others are. We're at point A and they're at point B, and I have no idea how to get to point B from point A without screwing up. And there's no other letters in-between that I'm aware of. Maybe I should relearn the alphabet.

Miki's stomach growled. She squirmed out from me, looking up at me with a sheepish smile. I smiled right back at her.

"Let's go see if Cybrog and his programmer have made any process in food making."

She nodded and we both got up. Then we stood there. So, where do we go? I scratch my behind my neck and gazed at the door. Should we just search around the building? It can't be that hard to find them. Once again going over the random obstacles that kept the door open. We went down the hall, looking into the rooms to find them. Privacy just doesn't exist here.

Looking for about some period of time. None of the clocks on the wall worked so I can't really tell the time. We found the Cybrog, his programmer, some chick with green hair and a few other people with matching clothing as Cybrog's programmer. I had a feeling the green hair girl was a FreeWare too. I don't know any humans that have no expression on their face. And I think all the FreeWares dress weird. This girl was wearing an orange and yellow shirt with a matching coloured skirt. Some of her stomach was showing and she wore white boots that went to her knees. They were all huddled around a table, reading books from what it looked like.

Cybrog's programmer took his eyes off his book to see us climb in. "I was worried that you went back to sleep. I was about to have eleven come in again."

"Yeah, why did you wake us up? With the city being destroyed or something. One would think we could just sleep in while we can."

Kuki smiled. "Yes one would think, but we think that we should fix the problem. We can't waste daylight since we don't have it at night now. Right now we're researching on different ways to fix it. Our information is limited but we need help. And since you're staying here, you both need to help. We can't have you freeloading while we do all the work."

I stared at this guy and snorted. "You really think two kids in collage can help you? We don't know the slightest bit in this category, and you think we can help you cure a problem you can't?"

"Well then, you, Miki, eight and eleven can go and find supplies."

"I have no idea what to get for supplies, we live off of technology. How do I even know that what you're looking for is in this area? For someone so smart you're pretty stupid."
"Dell, calm down." Miki said, she grabbed my arm when she said that, ready to pull me back if I acted out.

"Well, what temper. And I didn't except you two to find supplies. I accepted you two to carry them while eleven and eight find it. For future advice I would watch out next time you call the person giving you shelter stupid."

I breathed in deeply, knowing I couldn't lash out like I wanted to. If I piss this guy off its bye-bye to shelter.

"When do we leave?"

The brunette smiled. "You can leave right now. Eleven, eight, go with Miki and Dell. Find some supplies for food and heating."

Piko got right up and came beside Miki. Eight sat there, staring at the girl with white pigtails. She nodded her head to eight. Eight came up to us and just stood there with Piko. What were they waiting for? Oh yeah, they were told to go with us. Crawling over the door obstacles again, Miki and me just let the FreeWares led us. We were brought outside, the sun shining really bright for such a gloomy time.

There was a bit more scenery than in the city, but everything was pretty much dead too. Definitely more grass and trees. The grass was tall, it reached above my feet, and it did look a bit greener, but still had a twinge of yellow. Is there somewhere where there is still living plants?

"So, what do we look for?" I asked Piko.

"You're not exploring for substances. You both are here to assist in carrying."

"So we're pack mules then as your programmer said."

"I don't understand. Your human, not a donkey. Also I don't require a programmer, I just have Master. Who were you preaching about?"

"Never mind, just go look for things that your program- Master said to."

He branched off with eight, as me and Miki followed them. The FreeWares were searching in the grass and the bare trees. This whole situation is messed. Fuck I need a smoke, I haven't had one since everything went and got crazy. I shoved my hand in my pocket, hoping to find my pack in there. My results were good when I pulled the cardboard box out. I lit up a stick from my pack and puffed away. I blew the smoke out, sighing with content doing so. Miki coughed as the wind blew some smoke in her face. From the corner of my eye I could see her glaring at me.

"Hey Smokey, you do know with the city gone, you'll have no more cigarettes after that pack." She pointed out with a smug little grin.

I almost dropped the one I had in my hand. I pulled my pack open and I think my heart just stop beating. I only had four cigarettes. I'm going to be more of a dick than I already am once they're gone. I'll be a bull with a shotgun. No one will be able to stop me once I start my stamped.

The sun rose to middle of the sky. You can tell it's the sun because a part of the sky will randomly be a lighter yellow then the other. The four of us were outside the door to the laboratory. Altogether we had, branches, rocks, and plants. What the hell are we going to do with these? The plants I guess we could eat, but branches and rocks? Really?

"You two can place those here. Eight, can you grab some scrap metal." The Cybrog ordered.
Miki and I place the supplies down into piles. Piko sat on his knees while he placed the rocks in a circle. He placed the branches inside it. Then like the good computer he is, he sat down and stared at nothing. I don't think anyone could win against him in a staring contest
Eight came back out with the metal Piko requested. She threw it down beside him. Then he reached down and started bending it. This really didn't surprise me. I saw this kid punch a car yesterday. He created a bowl out of the metal then went out further into the grass. What he was doing, I have no idea.

"So, what's your name eight?" Miki asked.

The girl stared at us. "I'm not permitted to tell you that information unless Master allows it."

"Come on. Piko told us his first name for the benefit of gaining info himself. Maybe you can tell us your name and I'll tell you something."

"I don't need any knowledge from you. As you told my Master you don't have the data he needs."

I groaned and laid down beside Miki. "You're wasting your time Miki. Piko only told us his name because he wanted something. You don't have any this girl wants. Either call her number eight or Hippie chick since she has green hair."

"Dell, don't talk like that. It's so mean."

"Stopping worrying, she's like Cybrog. Has no emotions or mind. She doesn't care about anything except for what her Master tells her." I love Miki, but she's too caring sometimes.

"You're wrong Dell. They do have emotions they're just hidden deep. You have to remember that they're part human too."

"The robot part takes over the human part. It's basically what they wanted. A human who can think like a computer."

"That is some part of what Master wanted. However you have gaps in your findings." Cybrog interrupted us as he came back. Holding the bowl with both hands, water was sliding down the sides of it.

"Oh, so what is it that he wants?" Miki questioned.

"I can't release that data to you unless he orders it. Although he doesn't seem too pleased with the both of you."

"How do you know? You can't feel anything. How do you know that he's angry or happy. You may be close to your Master but there will always be that part that you will never know." I said.

He stared at me blankly. I made the Cybrog speechless. Point one for Smokey, zero for Cybrog.

"Is this what you were referring to me being incomplete?"

"I for one think people need emotions and their own thoughts to be human." Miki spoke softly.

"I think you're mistaken. A human being is a species of the Homo sapiens. I am a Homo sapien so therefore that makes me a human."

"There's more to a human than that. More than what comes from a book or data."

Cybrog went silent; I think we fried his circuits. He stared at the pile of wood for a good few minutes. Then he turned his head back to me.

"You have a lighter correct?" He asked me.

"Yes, why?"

"Can I use it?"


"We need to make heating and boil the bacteria out of the water. Without fire we can't have nutrition, heat or light. Will you comply with my request?"

I rolled over to dig in my pocket. "You better give it right back."

"Of course."

I got the lighter out and threw it at him. Being the robot he is, he caught it perfectly. Plucking the grass around him, he stuffed it under the branches. Fire was born when he light the grass on fire. It was quickly burning the logs. Piko snapped his fingers; I looked up to see him holding the lighter up. I lifted a hand up and he sent it flying to me. I wasn't as robot as him and I missed it. The lighter landed on my stomach so wasn't not that bad of a catch.

I put it back in its rightfully place. I sat back up, wanting to feel the fire's heat more. I took turns in between watching the fire and watching Hippie and Cybrog bend the metal into more bowls, and something that looked like a table. They placed the table thing over the fire then the bowl with the water on top of it.

Where did they learn to do this? I don't think anyone even teaches this anymore. The city provided us with everything; no one really expected this to happen. What will happen if those nerds can't figure out how to solve this? Are we stuck like this forever? I wonder how Gakupo feels about this. He's probably holding Kaito tightly and not letting any psychos near him.

A thud came from beside me, I turned my head to see Miki staring at the sky. She was brushing out her hair with her fingers, not much help it was doing. Her hair looked darker in the shadow I was creating. Her hair is a cross between pink and red. In the light her hair looks pinkish red, in darker lighting it looked pure red.

I ruffled her hair, she scowled and smack my hands away. I laughed and started attacking her hair from the side. Miki joined me in the laughing and stood up. Looking down at me she retaliated by attacked my hair.

"Your hair is going to be a bird's nest when I'm done." After I said that I grabbed the hand that was in my hair and I pulled her down. Pinning one of her hands down I continued messing with her hair. She squeaked and attempted to push me away. I decided she suffered enough and let her go. She fell back down and shuffled away from me. While watching me Miki raised a hand into her now pinkish hair.

"Dell, do you know how long this will take me to brush out. And I don't have a hair brush."

I couldn't hold in my chuckle, she playfully narrowed her eyes at me. She took her eyes off of me when she deemed it safe. Miki, once again starting combing her hair with her fingers. Good luck Miki.

I started watching the fire again. Entranced by the way it danced. I trace the way they flowed up to the bowl, or pot I should say. A hand was stirring whatever was in it. Now following the hand, I saw Piko's face. My eyes widened and I jumped a little in my spot. His eyes were freaking glowing!

Kuki did say he would do that when he was charging or whatever. They stand out enough with all the white and black he wears. Now they rival the fire's own light. Although he didn't have a dance within his eyes. The Cybrog however wasn't watching what he was doing. Instead he kept looking at me then Miki. Did he watch me and Miki rough housing? He looks jaded as always, but his stare was intense. Has he never witnessed a play fight before?

"What are you staring at Cybrog?" I demanded.

His eyes snapped to mine. "I was observing your fight with the girl. I was thinking about breaking it up then I realized that you two were playing around. It's not a sight I've witnessed before."

"I'm not surprised."

"You seemed pretty startled by everything in the past several days. Even now when you observed my eyes. How can you not be surprised by my lack of knowledge in your version of playing?"

I blushed; I know I wasn't making my staring subtle. But did he have to mention it out loud? "I'm used to your computer mind. So that's why I'm not surprised."

He looked at me a little longer before he stopped stirring and grabbed some bowls. He poured some in it before getting up and leaving. I looked at eight. She was pouring food into the bowl. It smelled and looked like some sort of stew.

"Hey, can we have some too?"

"Affirmative." With that she left me and Miki.

"Well, I guess we can eat now."

I grabbed some of the bowls and poured me and Miki some. There weren't any utensils so I just slurped it. I passed Miki her bowl. The ends of her hair were better than before. She still had a way to go through.

She grabbed the bowl. "You now, you should be nicer to them. I know you don't like to talk to people. But that doesn't mean you have to be a dick."

I groaned. "Miki, they're computers. What I say doesn't mean anything to them."

She gazed at me through the steam from her bowl. "I don't think so Dell. Have you noticed Piko has been talking a lot more than he usually does? Even though he seems nonchalant, I think he's wondering why he's different. And that means he's curious. And that is one of his own thoughts."

I snorted. "He's finding out how he can improve for his Master."

She sighed but stopped the conversation. I slurped the soup. It wasn't half bad. A little bland but hey it's food.
Chapter 3.
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I love the way you write, it's keeping me hooked!
I wonder what will happen next? :o
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Thanks for all the comments. I'm glad your enjoying my story so much. >O< I will try to update as soon as I can.
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